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They call it a "Fairway Opener"

"Rollover in the Clover" 12 x 12 Oil on linen panel

When I found this antique wooden driver at our local thrift shop, I couldn't wait to put it into my next still life painting. What could be more appropriate than to accompany this classic club than a bottle of golf legacy Bobby Jones' Clover Tennessee Bourbon Whiskey? After competition, it has been said that Bobby's custom was to enjoy "three fingers" of this "fairway opening" libation. "The Clover" refers to the four-leaf medallion Bobby's mother gave him for good fortune. Each leaf of a four leaf-clover is said to hold a different meaning: Hope, Faith, Love, Luck. All of which are helpful in golf, life, the making of whiskey, and of course ART! "Rollover in the Clover" will be available at the Maye River Gallery on November 17, 2023.

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