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Hello and thanks for visiting my website.  To say that I am enamored with my surroundings is an understatement. The waterways, birds and inhabitants, both large and small, are the essence of "Lowcountry life" and spur my desire to create art that reflects all that I see.  My hope is to translate my visual encounters onto canvas, manipulating color and light so that you, the viewer, might also experience the memory of a wistful breeze, the awe of an unfolding sunset or the fascination during an encounter with one of God's amazing creatures.


I am continually seeking to enhance my artistic abilities and to sharpen my observations.  I am grateful to have had the opportunity to have studied with multiple nationally recognized artists through workshops including:  David Leffel, Albert Handel, Ken Auster, Doug Dawson, JoAnna Arnett, Robert Johnson, Linda St. Clair and Bill Davidson.

My work can currently be seen at the SOBA Gallery in Bluffton, South Carolina and upcoming in the new Maye River Gallery, opening September 2022.


"The artist sees what others only catch a glimpse of."

- Leonardo da Vinci


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